photography through the eyes of a biologist


More than 60 % of the species worldwide have been extinct during the past 40 years. More than 1'000'000 are endangered or at the edge of extincion. I dedicate this chapter to our beloved creatures, who are in danger of being extinct by our ways of life, our consumption and ongoing believe in a steady growth.


A steady growth of the economies on a limited planet earth?

It may sound harsh. But to me: the ones who are really believing that this can work out - have either to be economists or idiots. 

Why do humans think they are superior to all other animals? 

The only animal, who does not believe, that he is an animal, is the human being.


Face to Face


Animals are communicating. They express affection, fear, anger as we do, too. But each species in their on way. As we do, too.

Many of our actions are limiting the possibilities of communication of wild animals.

Noise pollution in the air makes impossible that birds can understand the others calls. Noise pollution in water impact the communication of marine mammels and drive them till to a stranding event; to their death. 

Sustain, change & save. Be more silent.

Birds world