Each item you have and use is composed of atoms - you too! - most of them are taken out of our soils. It's so easy to produce, to consume and to throw away...

But what hell of a price do we pay!

We loose not only the beauty of our planet. In only a few decades we influenced and changed a whole bunch of natural processes that naturally would have taken thousands and millions of years!

      Men have lost the awareness for its environment...

      Men have lost the awareness for the essential...

      Men have lost the connection to our earth, to our Pachamama...

We are stuck in our "life-and-profit-optimizing-and-always more-easy-going" way of thinking, acting and shaping our life.

We are acting ignorant and selfish instead of trying to


RE-GAIN the consciousness of what really matters in a life.


Nature's Art


Mercado de Liniers

Mountains and Glaciers

Vergänglichkeit - Fugacidad


Val Verzasca in Stripes