Clouds and Sky  - are you aware of?

The cloud is an accumulation of water molecules. The darker its colour, the higher the density of the molecules. If the saturation is high enough (around 100%) precipitation follows. 

Above tropical forests one can observe always a high accumulation of clouds. It is due to the high evaporation rate of the plants as a result of their photosynthesis. 'Rainforests': the forests, which are inducing their own rain.

If we kill these forests, we are influencing the precipitation patterns of these regions at a fearful level.

Not only it has an impact on these regions. It is influencing precipitation rates in regions far away, too. 

Similar we are changing precipitation patterns covering waste areas with concrete. 

The soil and its function is gone for ever.

The atmosphere is heating up more, saturation will not occur.

The precipitations are occurring less.

The premises, requirements are not given anymore for raining.

Are you really surprised to experience always dryer seasons?