Photography has accompanied Chris Bürki since childhood. In the darkroom she developed her black and white pictures. When Chris started with it, she was about 9 years old. Her first SLR camera was a Konika, which she bought with her pocket money.

She always wanted to become a photographer. But it never came to this. At the beginning of the 80's it was not uncommon to wait 3-4 years for an apprenticeship as a photographer.

Other doors opened; she became a biologist / ecologist with a licentiate from the University of Bern and a postgraduate degree from the ETH Zurich.

Studying biology was a heartfelt decision for her. It gave her the opportunity to explore another passion in depth, namely nature and her fascination for the natural sciences.

She remained devoted to photography over all these years. Over all the decades the photographs found their place in boxes, drawers or photo albums'.

In 2020 Chris Bürki decided to finally put photography in the center of her life.



'Through the Eyes of a Biologist' is her moto .

She has since been able to participate in several exhibitions and completed a mentorship at the ENSP in Arles at the beginning of 2023.  She has many projects in mind, which she is now trying to realize successively. Her archive is very extensive and of good quality. It is waiting to become visible.


As a very dedicated and experienced biologist and knowledgeable about sustainability issues, Chris Bürki offers various services for organizations and private individuals. Discover them yourself at the following link: