zuVielisation      (a pun for:                too much civilization)

The silly idea of modern economy, that a society and their markets need to grow all the time led us to what we are witnessing today.

Destruction and harm of our precious environment. War in many places are going on - and it's not at all only about ideology - its about the need of resources. The more economists force consumption to grow - the more people believe in it, the less resources will be left to fullfill everybodies needs of the daily life. We all - the members of neoliberal societies are contributing to this destruction and desaster in a scale never seen before.

So we really need to step back tens of steps and ask ourselves:

What do we really need? 


When do we like to stop this selfish thinking of the need of growing economics?


When do we start to   sustain and change?


When do we start living sustainability for real?


Many changes are only seen on second sight.

Therefore in some fotos I did highlight the human impacts on purpose.

Just remember that any single product/instalation we are putting into our environment, needed resources to be constructed - those originating mostly from the soils of poor countries, provocating destruction of their environment, poverty and wars, too.

The amount of resources used for the production of all our goods is measured in MIPS