Mercado de Liniers, Buenos Aires

Everybody is affected by what is actually going on regarding the climate change.

Many efforts were already taken, many billion of Dollars spent on (short-sighted) measures/steps.

What seems to be very unpopular is, if a government has to tell their citizens to change their way of life.

BUT:  it is all about that!

Every day, only in this place, up to 25'000 cattles are sold. Every evening all of them are already dead.

Consuption of beef and other meat leads to a huge investment of resources. Just 1 kg of beef-meat uses up (until it lies perfumed on your plate) about 20'000 Liters of water. It uses up a huge area of land to pasture the cattle and to grow concentrated feed for them. This results in a waste deforestation of for example of the Amazon.

So why do we need to consume meat twice a day, every day? We are too many people, with too high demands.

Someone got to force mankind to sustain. I fear, that the governments, especially those of the industrial countries, are too coward to do this. They won't take actions, which will lead to a different behaviour of their citizens.

They fear the outcry- but as long as most of the people in the industrial countries don't feel, that actually THEY are the problem, nothing will change.

So. Start today. #Think_and_sustain. Meat is not bad. But like with every drug; it's not poisonous - it is just a matter of quantity. And we exceeded it for most of the things we do and consume...